Shop Through Bookshop - FAQs

Buy Your Books Online with Too Fond Of Books!

For faster shipping, we suggest you order through our direct to warehouse page at You
order, they ship, you get your book, and you support your wonderful, heartwarming
community bookstore all at once!
Want to pick up in store? Just order on this website ( as usual. We can ship when you
order from here too, but seriously, check out our Bookshop page. It’s fantastic AND fast. Did we mention
its FAST?

Can I place an order for pick up at Too Fond Of Books through Bookshop?

Unfortunately, since we don’t do any of the order fulfillment for orders placed through Bookshop, books
can only be shipped directly from the warehouses to you! 

Why are you using Bookshop?

You all have been amazing as we have opened our doors. We suspect we will get busier with online orders
and we will need help getting all these web orders filled in a timely fashion. After all, the less time we
spend packaging books for shipping, the more time we get to spend creating great programming,
recommending books, and being actual booksellers instead of people who ship books! Bookshop is
super-efficient in order processing. They are the helpful elves of the indie bookstore industry! Plus every
sale on our Bookshop affiliate page supports Too Fond Of Books directly. You’ll know you’re still
shopping with us, because our faces are all over our Bookshop affiliate page. You can’t miss us.

What if I still want to order through the Too Fond Of Books website? Can I do that?

Yes! This website is still fully functional. Use it for all in-store pickup orders. We will ship items ordered
through this site as well. But if you’re just ordering items that you want shipped out, give our Bookshop
page a shot. It’s fun. It’s fast!

I placed an order from Bookshop but haven’t received it. Can you help me track it down?

Because Bookshop is hands-off for us, your best bet is to check if you have received a shipping
notification in your email. Remember to check your spam folder as well! We can verify a purchase was
made but cannot access information beyond that. If you are still having issues, you can contact
Bookshop at

Want to know a *lot* more about Bookshop, its mission, etc? Click here.